Ostrero is a research and advocacy body that raises awareness of what the Circular Economy is and why it is vitally important to Scotland’s economic and environmental wellbeing.

We help decipher the Circular Economy and make it relevant to a wide range of organisations, clearly signposting ways in which it can be of economic, environmental and ethical benefit to them. Ostrero is based in Edinburgh, Scotland. It was created in 2016 by Mary Michel and Marian Brown, who are both passionate about the very real and positive changes that the Circular Economy can create.

Mary Michel – Mary’s academic background is in the philosophy of sustainable thinking and she is particularly interested in how we can transform mindsets to move towards a Circular Economy. Mary is a Trustee of the Wellbeing Economy Alliance Scotland and Vice Chair of Craft Scotland, Scotland’s national agency for craft.

Marian Brown – Marian is a solicitor whose experience includes a range of environmental law cases and working with SEPA. She was brought up in Zambia and Vanuatu and recognises the urgent need for a global solution to the way in which we consume world resources.

Mary Michel, Ostrero Co-Founder
Marian Brown, Ostrero Co-Founder

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To get in touch, please email us at info@ostrero.com, or call on +44 7752 476 954.

Image Credits: Colin Hattersley | Neil Hannah