This series of films will take you on a journey into the Circular Economy and how it is great for our planet, through a choice of four Circular Design activities with makers Bryony Knox and Mella Shaw, and onto some practical ideas for cutting out waste at home or at school. Making Circles Online is suitable for pupils from P4-S3 and for learning at school or at home.

Learning outcomes include developing creativity, skills for employability, global citizenship, critical thinking and problem-solving.

The tasks have been designed to use tools and materials that are usually available in schools or at home but if you’d rather have a ready-made kit,  Ostrero can supply a box of materials suitable for each product.

Please share what you come up with via our Display Entry Form, via Twitter or Instagram 

We recommend that you start with an Introduction to the Circular Economy and How to Use Tools, then choose from these four Circular Design activities:

  • Circular Design 1 – How to Make a Rucksack with Bryony Knox
  • Circular Design 2 – How to Make a Wraparound Pencil Case with Mella Shaw
  • Circular Design 3 – How to Make an Animal Badge with Bryony Knox (there are 3 animals to choose from – Ladybird, Dragonfly or Whale – and each has its own template to make drawing and cutting easier)
  • Circular Design 4 – How to Make a Lego Vehicle for the Future with Mella Shaw 

Bryony Studio Visit and Mella Studio Visit give an insight into how our designers work and how the Circular Economy has impacted their practice. Go Circular is a great way to round off learning about the Circular Economy, with practical ideas for cutting out waste. The short Making Circles Quiz will help students recap their Circular Economy learning.

National Museums Scotland will host an online display of the most creative designs, creations and ideas to come out of Making Circles Online and to discover the top 3 things students from across Scotland would like world leaders to address at COP 26. 

Please watch the National Museums Scotland (name of film tbc) to get some circular inspiration from their collections and use the Display Entry Form to find out how to enter your students’ work.

Before you start any of these activities you must watch the Tools film for safety recommendations. For children under 12, adult supervision is required at all times because some of the activities involve the use of safety pins and scissors, as well as handling potentially sharp metal. Any activities carried out in conjunction with Making Circles Online and the use of this website are at the user’s own risk. We accept no responsibility or liability to any person as a consequence of carrying out these activities.

Making Circles can also be great fun as a family activity. Younger children will need some help from an adult for the Circular Design activities. If you prefer to leave the making for school-time, we recommend watching the following films and then doing the accompanying short quiz:

  • Introduction to the Circular Economy
  • Bryony Knox Studio Visit
  • Mella Shaw Studio Visit
  • Go Circular

Introduction to the Circular Economy

Tools and How to Cut Cans Safely with Bryony Knox


How to make a Backpack with Bryony Knox


How to make a Wrap Around Pencil Case with Mella Shaw


How to make a Ladybird Badge from Recycled Tin with Bryony Knox


How to make a Dragonfly Badge from Recycled Tin with Bryony Knox


How to make a Blue Whale Badge from Recycled Tin with Bryony Knox


How to make a Vehicle for the Future with Mella Shaw

Bryony Knox Studio Visit

Play Video

Mella Shaw Studio Visit

National Museums Scotland



Making Circles Online Display in Partnership with National Museums Scotland

What – A selection of the most creative designs, creations and ideas to come out of Making Circles Online. There will be two main sections – Circular Design and COP 26 – What Matters To You? 

Where – National Museums Scotland Website

When – August 2021

Why – We want everyone to know about the great things the Circular Economy can do for people and the planet, and we want YOU to be the ones to tell them. By sharing great ideas from pupils across Scotland about Circular Design and how to cut out waste, we can encourage people all across the country to Go Circular and lobby our leaders to make meaningful change at COP 26.

Please submit all entries to Mary at by Friday 25th June 2021. 

Thank you to all those who have made Making Circles Online  possible:

  • Creative Scotland
  • Artemis Charitable Foundation
  • The Edinburgh Trades Fund
  • Craft Scotland
  • National Museums Scotland
  • Bryony Knox and Mella Shaw– Designer-Makers
  • Anna Orr, for her amazing creativity
  • James Robertson, Photographer
  • Lorna Macdonald, Arts & Creative Learning, Communities & Families, City of Edinburgh Council

The Making Circles Steering Committee

  • Kirsty Clark
  • George Dalgleish
  • Sarah Grotrian
  • Anna Orr
  • Mella Shaw
  • Sara Webster




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