What is the Circular Economy

The Circular Economy is an alternative to our current Linear Economy, where we behave as if the world’s resources were infinite and we take-make- use-dispose, resulting in huge amounts of waste. In contrast, the Circular Economy recognises that the world’s resources are finite and need to be protected through a model in which:

  • Through clever design, there is no waste

  • Everything is designed to feed into something else, to get the maximum possible value from each component

  • Raw materials can be fully recovered, redesigned and reused as new products

  • Everything is powered by renewable energy

This is done through closed loop systems; recycle, repair and remanufacture; and new societal models such as leasing and shared ownership.

Why do we need a Circular Economy?

In a world in which mineral resources are increasingly rare and hard to get at, biodiversity is in decline and 3 billion new consumers will enter the market in the next 30 years, the linear economy is quite simply not economically or environmentally sustainable.