Founder of Scottish slow fashion brand Beira, Dr. Antoinette Fionda-Douglas answers our circular economy business questions.

What’s your name and the name of your organisation?

Dr. Antoinette Fionda-Douglas. The business is called Beira.

Please describe your business in no more than 3 sentences.

Beira is based on the concept of slow fashion – which is essentially a deliberate choice to buy better quality items less often. It is a move away from trend driven towards ethical and quality investment pieces with transparent pricing . We use a design led re-manufacturing strategy to embrace the circular economy and produce creative limited edition womenswear for the conscious consumer.

How is your business circular?

Beira procures waste at a discount price from the luxury fashion industry. We developed a reduced waste design strategy to transform these ends of rolls, and trims which cannot be used for mass production, into limited edition products. This design strategy goes beyond just the garments but includes all livery too. Every aspect is re-manufactured and sourced through reverse resources strategy.

Why is it important to you to adopt a circular model?

The brand was developed to address waste. We would not be here without the need to embrace a circular economy. It is the foundation of our brand.

What’s been the best thing for you about going circular?

It has reduced cost (though increased the time it takes to complete tasks). It feels amazing to take waste that is destined for landfill and to make something truly wonderful out of it.

What’s been the biggest hurdle?

The biggest problem has come from companies and agencies in the fashion world who are all set up for ‘fast and seasonal’ fashion. We are slow and very different and our timescales reflect that. It has been difficult finding like-minded external firms to engage with the concept.

In no more than 3 words, what motivates you to grow the Circular Economy?

Planet, beauty, responsibility

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