Scottish garden design business that is developing as a social enterprise and helping clients build their own gardens, encouraging them to live more sustainably and self sufficiently. Eri Mackenzie aims to empower others to be confident growing their own food, using regenerative methods such as turning food waste into compost and creating their own spaces of tranquility in nature.

Eri answers our Circular Business questions and tells us a bit more about her garden design business, just in time for spring!

What’s your name and the name of your organisation?

Eri Mackenzie Gardens.

Please describe your business in no more than 3 sentences.

Garden design and maintenance.

How is your business circular?

My business is very young but I hope to develop it in such a way that I will be contributing as a Social enterprise and encouraging a sharing culture. I hope to share my gardening skills to show others how they can live more sustainably and feed themselves by growing their own food and to incorporate this principle in my garden design. I hope to show how we can learn from nature by putting back in what we take out, for example by using renewable energy, composting to power our gardens and our food generation.

I also want people to gain health and wellbeing from their gardens, bring more calm to our society through either working in a garden space or simply by being in it. Nature has so much to offer.

Why is it important to you to adopt a circular model?

I think gardening and nature has so much to offer and to learn from. We need to change how we are doing things, to me that is quite simple. How it happens is the hard part but thinking in a more circular way will produce healthier business models which bit by bit will improve the way the world operates.

What’s been the best thing for you about going circular?

So far it has been to be involved in something that is very of the moment and is gaining momentum rapidly.

What’s been the biggest hurdle?

Working out how my business can apply a circular model rather than just thinking about sustainability.

In no more than 3 words, what motivates you to grow the Circular Economy?

Has to happen!

Check out Eri’s garden designs and contact to learn more.



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