Ostrero develops innovative Circular Economy solutions which range from coffee cups to garden design. We also help other organisations, from microbreweries to academic institutions, develop their own Circular Economy approach.

We firmly believe that education is key to growing the Circular Economy, so Ostrero has developed Making Circles, a creative learning project that takes professional craftspeople into schools to deliver Circular Economy Design workshops.

Examining Designs at a Circular Economy Design Challenge

To learn more about our projects or discuss how we could help your business plug into the Circular Economy, email us at, or call on +44 7752 476 954.


“Working with Ostrero has opened my eyes to the environmental and business opportunities of the Circular Economy, which is now strongly influencing my design process.”

– Business Owner, Landscape Architecture

“I was inspired by Marian Brown talking on the Circular Economy concept. I think this is a really crucial concept and gives me hope for the future.”

– Business Owner, Creative Industries